An alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is an umbrella term given to the various methods used to resolve disputes that do not require legal proceedings. Many businesses and individuals are happy to resolve their disputes quickly, cost-effectively and confidentially, and there is a possibility to do so.

However, there are pros and cons to any dispute resolution and we are happy to discuss them on a case by case basis.

Among the more common methods of alternative dispute resolution are:


We are here to help you resolve your disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team of experts helps people and companies of all sizes achieve the result they want even through alternative dispute resolution solutions. A very experienced team in this field of law, our team will guide you through the whole process, and provide the assistance you need to achieve the most beneficial result for you.

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This is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to resolve a conflict. Mediation involves work in order to reach a mutual agreement so that the dispute can be avoided in court – for all the additional expenses and hassle involved.

Many people and businesses choose to go through mediation because of the financial benefit it brings. Other motivating factors are confidentiality and the fact that mediation is not binding. So if the agreement reached is not to your satisfaction, it can be avoided and the court will not know about the content of the proceedings or your decision



Often, this is the first step taken. Negotiating involves contacting a person or organization with you and you have a dispute to see if he or she wants to take part in the process, hoping to reach a solution. The success of negotiations is a very effective way of resolving a dispute, and a very useful way to ensure you maintain a good business relationship with the other person or organization.


Arbitration, common in commercial disputes and insurance, is a more formal, law-abiding method.

Its great advantage is the ability to control the framework of the process, whether or not the arbitrator is subject to the substantive law, the rules of procedure, the duty of reasoning, the (limited) ability to appeal and more. Sometimes the identity of the switch is also something that can be agreed upon at the beginning of the business activity.

Thus, the arbitrator is an agreed-upon judicial body, a judge has passed in court, but even though the arbitrator is subject to the agreed-upon framework of the process, the ability to achieve his decisions (appeal) is extremely limited.

We are here to help you test whether one or more of the alternative dispute resolution procedures are right for you and accompany you through any procedure that may be taken to achieve the best outcome possible for you.

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