Scary obstacles only when you take your eyes off the target

Harnessing over 25 years of experience for your success


We care about every case we take.

You can be sure that we believe in the justice of the case and fight bravely to achieve the fair and right result. This is reflected in our stubborn passion and desire to achieve the best result. We understand that clients are preoccupied with their affairs and want to have a quiet mind knowing that someone is taking care to put their interests first, when they themselves are often not available to do so.

Our background

A law firm located in Haifa. We are known for our tenacity and uncompromising approach in representing our clients so that we will make every effort, even where others will not, in order to bring about the best result for our clients. We specialize in commercial and private litigation for both commercial and private clients. We believe that strong communication is essential. This is why our passion for the work we perform is consistent with our commitment to keeping our clients up to date and partners at every stage of the process.

The main areas of practice

our Customers

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