Construction Disputes

Issues related to construction works can be highly stressful; especially if the contractor left you with an unfinished project or that you believe works were ill-performed. We understand it is hard to take action against a contractor but we have the experience and expertise to guarantee that the process is as hassle-free as possible.

When construction works go wrong the outcome can be quite disruptive; but keep in mind that even when no official contract was signed, the law is on your side. By securing the help of an expert law firm you can guarantee the best possible odds of resolving the dispute in a proper, satisfactory manner.

How can we help

Many people are unsure about the best way to deal with construction disputes issues. Homeowners ask many questions and the answers are not always obvious. Such questions may be:


  • Should I pay the contractor although he has not yet completed the work?
  • Can I replace the contractor with another contractor and who will bear the costs?


We are here to answer these questions, provide all necessary instructions to move on with the dispute, and give you the best opportunity to achieve the desired outcome.

Actions on behalf of the contractor

Our expertise in the area means that we can also act on behalf of the contractor in case of dispute. For example, if you are a contractor and you are not paid for a finished work or work in progress, and you feel such payment should be due, we can offer the help you need to reach a satisfactory solution.

We also have extensive experience with commercial property sub-contractors and “chasing down” the main contractor for payment.

Contact us today for additional information on our ability to help you in your current state and how the desired outcome may be reached. It can’t get any easier, just call us or complete the online form and we will get back to you.

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