Corporate Recovery

We specialize in all forms of debt recovery, and provide an effective service designed to meet the needs of businesses suffering from payment problems. The recovery and rehabilitation of the company will sometimes be the right situation for both the company and the creditors, since if the company continues to operate, its possibility of repaying its debts will increase. This is all the more true when the creditors are the suppliers of the company and the recovery of the company reserves the right to retain the company as a customer also in the future. There are three main steps to a company recovery

Freezing proceedings with the approval of the court. Execution of the recovery plan. Gathering the creditors and reaching an arrangement with them that will be brought for approval in court.

The recovery process involves many elements, both practical and legal, as well as consultants from various fields and the cooperation of shareholders and company executives for its success. Beyond the necessary legal levies in the recovery of the company, we will take care of concentrating the operations and the professionals under one roof in order to exhaust the possibility of the recovery of the company and the payment of its debts. We are known for our determined approach, ideal for corporate recovery. We will advise you at every step of the process, and will update you fully before each step and action. Whether you are a shareholder seeking to act to rehabilitate your company or you are a creditor who finds yourself in a corporate recovery situation, contact us and find out how we can help you today by contacting you by phone or alternatively, allow us to contact you by filling out our online form.

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