Shareholder Disputes

We are here to provide the guidance and expertise you need to help resolve such disputes as quickly and kindly as possible. Disputes of this kind can greatly interfere with the running of a business and therefore there is an obligation to bring to an end all the issues in dispute effectively. Learn more about how we can help resolve your shareholders’ dispute by contacting us today. Do this by calling us or by filling out our online contact form, which allows us to call you.

Issues among shareholders

Shareholder disputes cover a wide range of issues that can arise between shareholders, most often in situations where shareholders, or some of them, are also directors. Such disagreements also arise in situations involving strategic issues of majority and minority shareholders. Such conflicts are often complicated and costly, and any such conflict could harm society as a whole in its day-to-day conduct. Disputes between shareholders can sometimes be avoided if there are clearly worded and agreed bylaws and a shareholders agreement. However, in cases where a dispute arises, we will be able to advise on the right route at the most effective cost and we will recommend how to settle matters as amicably as possible to protect the business. Disputes between shareholders can take many forms, but some of the more common disputes include:

All or some of the shareholders believe that the directors are violating their position It seems that some dividend policies favor some shareholders over others Minority shareholders believe they are being unfairly harmed by controlling shareholders or majority shareholders Some shareholders do not feel that they are up to date or partially updated regarding the company’s financial conduct Some shareholders are not cash or are not included in the meetings Shareholders are in violation of the incorporation documents The major shareholders, the majority, are seen as treating the company as theirs only, including withdrawing dividends or a salary just for them Conflicts of general interest Fear that another shareholder is diverting the business from the right path

Whatever the reason for your shareholders’ dispute, we have the skills and experience to settle the matter. We are known for our enthusiastic and stubborn approach, an approach that is perfectly suited to such controversies. Call us today ….

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