Shareholders’ Disputes

We are here to provide the directives and specialty required to help you settle such disputes as quickly, and amicably, as possible. Such disputes can be very disruptive in business management, and all disputed issues must be resolved efficiently.

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Issues between the shareholders

Shareholders’ conflicts may arise from a large variety of issues , usually when the shareholders or some of them are also directors. Such disputes arise also with respect to strategic issues of majority and minority shareholders. Such conflicts are often complicated and expensive, and every such conflict may damage the entire daily conduct of the company.

Sometimes disputes among shareholders may be avoided if the articles of association and shareholders’ agreement were clearly formulated and agreed. Still, in cases of dispute, we can advise on the right, most effective path and recommend the most amicable way to settle the dispute and protect the business.

Disputes among shareholders can have many forms, but some of the most common disputes include:

  • All, or part of the shareholders believe that the directors violate their duty
  • A certain dividend policy seems to favor certain shareholders over others
  • The minority shareholders believe that they are deprived by the holders of control or majority shareholders
  • Some shareholders do not feel updated, or only partially updated, on the company’s financial conduct
  • Certain shareholders are not invited to or included in meetings
  • Certain shareholders are in violation of the documents of incorporation
  • The majority shareholders appear to handle the company as their own property, including withdrawing dividends or salary for themselves only
  • General conflict of interest
  • A concern that another shareholder diverts the business from the right track


Whatever the reason for your shareholders’ dispute, we have the qualifications and experience to settle it. We are known for our passionate and persistent approach which is perfect for such disputes.

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