Editing a continuing power of attorney

Continuous power of attorney is a legal arrangement based on a social concept that puts at the center the right of every person to live his life according to his choices and desires. This social perception emphasizes the abilities of the individual rather than the disability, and recognizes the duty of the state to enable each individual to reach his or her abilities through the promotion and development of support, assistance, and defense mechanisms, even if his or her legal capabilities or privileges are limited, temporarily or permanently.

An ongoing power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to plan your future at a stage where you are able and able to make decisions and take actions. In the continuing power of attorney you can determine what your life will look like in the future, if you reach a situation where you will not be able to make decisions or manage your affairs in certain aspects). The term the law prescribes is to “understand a particular matter” or make decisions about it, and to appoint people who are trusted by you as beauties who will act on your behalf and for you, in various areas concerning your smile.

We, as attorneys registered with the Bar Association who have undergone appropriate training and have been authorized by the Custodian General to make ongoing power of attorneys, have the knowledge and expertise to advise on considerations that should guide you in relation to your property – personal and business – and how you want your life to look. Understand. “

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