Opposition to the will and legal disputes

In order to fulfill the intention of the mitzvah in his will, one or more of the winners according to the will (heir) can petition the Family Court (or the Rabbinical Court) to approve, in a will, the will of the deceased. In the absence of objection, the procedure for obtaining an order for the execution of the will or inheritance is not complex and the date of receipt of the actual order depends on the load of applications with the Registrar of Inheritance. Two types of objections are typical of the order-making process. The first, an objection raised by the state and the second an objection to an order for the execution of a will by a person who opposes the provisions of the language of the will.

We are here to assist you, as an heir who wishes to uphold the language of the will or as an objector, to deal with all possible issues in the case of inheritance by law or by will, in a manner that will ensure that you exhaust the rights granted to you. We will not hesitate to fight to prove your claims in any court in order to maximize your chances of winning the lawsuit.

The most common issues regarding inheritance and wills include:

Application for revocation of a will

Intervention of the Custodian General
Bequeathed to a minor
Exclusion of an heir
Unequal division
Tax malfunction in real estate inheritance
Estate manager
Agreement between heirs

Any disagreement that drags on to the courts entails many years of litigation that are naturally full of charged emotions and also necessarily involve considerable legal expenses. Although we will not shy away from legal proceedings, it will be the most complex and complicated, in order to express your arguments in the most decisive manner before the courts, we will do our best to see in legal proceedings the last resort. We will not turn to the legal process until after we have made every effort to bring the parties to dialogue and solution in alternative ways.

We are here to accompany you through the tangle of possible proceedings involved in family disputes, outside and within the courts, with an attentive ear to desires and heartfelt feelings in full understanding of the complexity of the circumstances and legal advice as to the options available to you at any given moment.

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