Recovery, Liquidation, Receivership And Insolvency

In recent years, commercial entities and individuals tend to come across insolvency procedures that involve individuals and commercial debtors. Insolvency procedures have a substantial implication on creditors. Sometimes, this is the last option available to a creditor to collect the debt owing to him or her. Sometimes, insolvency procedures cause concern for the creditor to lose any chance of collecting the debt from the debtor. 

We are here to advise you in every stage, before or during the insolvency or recovery process. Whether you’re an individual creditor or a corporation, or a corporation that wishes to repay even part of its debts using insolvency procedures. 

The most common insolvency issues are:


  • The conditions for seeking company liquidation
  • Which insolvency proceedings should we take
  • What’s the difference between a debtor’s motion and a creditor’s motion
  • What is my status in company recovery proceedings
  • Does insolvency means waiver of debt
  • How to handle insolvency procedures


Why Us

Insolvency procedures underwent a material reform with the Insolvency and Financial Rehabilitation Law 5778-2018. Since the Law and its regulations entry into effect we’re dealing with its ins and outs and have accrued the know-how required to help you in all complex issues of these proceedings. 


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