Convalescence, liquidations, gatherings and insolvency

In recent years, commercial entities and private individuals have increasingly encountered insolvency proceedings initiated by private and commercial debtors. Insolvency proceedings are of paramount importance to creditors depending on the state of affairs concerning them. This is sometimes the last tool available to the creditor in order to collect the debt due to him and sometimes in insolvency proceedings lies the creditor’s fear that when they are taken, the chance of collecting the debt owed by the debtor will also be lost.

We are here, so you can consult us at any stage. Before taking the insolvency or recovery procedure and during the insolvency proceedings. Whether you are an individual creditor or a corporation or whether you are a corporation interested in making payment of its debts, even some of them, through insolvency proceedings.

Frequently asked questions on insolvent issues include:

Under what conditions can a company be liquidated
What insolvency proceedings should be taken
What is the difference between a debtor application and a creditor application
What is my status in company recovery procedures?
Does the meaning of insolvency proceedings be a waiver of the debt
How to deal with insolvency proceedings

why US?

Insolvency proceedings have undergone a substantial reform under the Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation Law, 2018. Since the entry into force of the law we have been dealing with the intricacies of the law and its regulations on a daily basis and we have the accumulated knowledge to assist you in all complex issues of proceedings.

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