In the course of life of any person or business a certain insurance question is bound to present itself. Whether property insurance or bodily harm insurance, the policy provisions, even if they appear cryptic, are not the final word, since they are subject to a branched scheme of laws that should be understood to reach the meaning and limits of the insurance cover. 

We have the understanding and expertise in insurance law required to allow us to advise and represent in the thicket of insurance issues. Whether you are an insurance company, a business or an individual, we are here to clarify and explain the language of the insurance contract (policy) and the law. This enables you to inspect your legal status, whether as an insurance contract party or a third party. 

Insurance covers include property, liability and body insurance, and the most common insurances are:

  • Car insurance
  • Apartment insurance
  • Business insurance 
  • Liability insurance 
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Travel abroad insurance 
  • Designated insurance 


One policy may include more than one insurance cover. For example, a business insurance policy may include cover to the business property, cover to the business owner’s liability as an employer, third party, professional liability and more, to cover damage to property and body. 

There are different groups of policy chapters. Sometimes, according to the covered risk, such as fire, water, terrorism damage; sometimes according to the insurance object such as goods in transition, mechanical engineering equipment, or electronic equipment; and sometimes according to the person who is the insurance object such as insurance for physicians, engineers, contractors, third party, etc.

An important part of every policy is the exceptions section, whether included in the main body of the policy, in the relevant chapter, or as an additional chapter applicable to the entire policy. There is an additional set of rules that govern the specific applicability of policy provisions that are an exception to insurance cover. 

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