Lease And Landlord-Tenant Conflicts

Property buying and leasing is perceived by many as an attractive investment option for extra income. However, ensuring income with a quiet mind usually relies, first and foremost, on an effective lease agreement that contains the required balances and guarantees both parties comply with provisions they agreed on. 

We are here to advise you and prepare for you the lease agreements that minimize the chances of uncertainty concerning the rights and duties of either party, and best serve your goals. 

Even when an orderly lease is in place, sometimes the parties come across a conflict, usually for one of the following reasons:

Dispute on lease fee and payment  

Dispute on property repairs

Dispute on possession rights

Lacking consent between the landlord and tenant, the conflict will be resolved in legal proceedings, including expedited proceedings for tenant evacuation. 

We Are Here To help

We are experienced in handling all kinds of conflicts between landlords, lessees and possessors. We take pride in every case we receive, and our clients always appreciate our direct approach to settling affairs.

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