Lease Contract Breach

Owners of commercial business properties must make sure their tenants meet their leasing undertakings. Otherwise, the implications may be grave. This may, for example, affect the property value and the income generated. If the tenants have breached their lease agreement, it is important the owners have access to legal advice that can help them find a solution to solve the issue.

We can offer the necessary guidance if the lessee breached the lease agreement. Such cases require quick and efficient treatment – something we’re proud of.

Different Agreement Breaches

There are different ways in which lessees can breach the lease agreement and we can help you in every related aspect.

The most common breaches of lease agreements include:

  • Full or partial default to pay the lease fee 
  • Noise nuisances
  • Unapproved modifications
  • Holding pets without permission
  • Unauthorized subletting
  • Failure to provide information 


We understand that such issues require a quick and efficient solution. Therefore, we always act relentlessly to provide the required support and guidance to ensure the desired outcome. We consider our clients to be preoccupied in their own affairs, and therefore strive to provide fast and effective service to take off, to the extent possible, the hassle involved in lease agreement breaches.

Our team is determined to fight for you to receive the best possible resolution of your case. We do everything in our power to achieve a satisfactory outcome and will go the extra mile, where other attorney firms might not.

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