Leased Premises Evacuation Claims

A leased premises evacuation proceeding, whether as the landlord-plaintiff – or as the tenant-defendant is a material proceeding, involving different aspects of the lease purpose and evacuation cause. 

Protected tenancy evacuation claims are subject to the Tenant Protection Law.On the other hand, the importance of leased premises evacuation claims that are not subject to the Tenant Protection Law was acknowledged in Israeli law. The law enables landlords an expedited process to receive an evacuation order for tenants. Leased premises evacuation claims do not combine with lease fee claims and filing one claim does not bar the other. 

How We Can Help

Whether you are the landlord who wishes to consider, or file, an evacuation claim, or the tenant who worries form an evacuation claim or must defend from one, we are prepared to give you the advice you need so that you can reach an educated decision on the available legal options. We are experienced and prepared for any judicial struggle and to present all your arguments to achieve the best possible outcome.

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