Land Partnership And Dissolution Of Partnership

Partnership in land may be formed as a result of land being handed down by inheritance to several inheritors, or a voluntary action of the parties who procured together the rights to the land. Dissolution of partnership is a basic right of each of the partners, regardless of their part in the land. The legislator stipulated preference to distribution in specie (actual distribution) of the land, when possible, through an agreement or court order, over dissolution by way of sale. 

Partnership dissolution agreements and legal proceedings to dissolve partnerships have many implications for the parties to consider. We can help you better understand your legal situation and strive for the best result for you. 

Our Services

  • Formulating a partnership agreement
  • Formulating a dissolution of partnership agreement
  • Conducting legal proceedings
  • Conducting the proceedings for dissolution of partnership


You must be aware of the available options in the partnership agreement, including the option to limit the time in which either partner may plead for dissolution of partnership. The partnership agreement determines your rights to the land, and naturally has long-term implications. Therefore you should ask for a lawyer’s advice as soon as possible.

Whether by formulating a dissolution of partnership agreement or by legal proceedings, we can use our knowledge of land partnership agreements and conflict management to create for you the most fitting partnership agreement. Also, if needed, we can represent you before the court, whether you are the party seeking dissolution of partnership or if dissolution of partnership was coerced upon you at the request of the other partner. 

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